The Random Show, Mega-Holiday Edition — 2023 Resolutions and New Tools, Extensive Bullshitting, Booze and Ethanol Alternatives, The “Yearly Delete,” A Million Sidebars, Ayahuasca Revisited, Recapping the COCKPUNCH Saga, and M
The Random Show, Mega-Holiday Edition!

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of The Random Show.

Please enjoy!

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Great conversation between you and Kevin. I tend to tune out of NFT conversations, but hearing about it from the creator perspective was fascinating.

Two key takeaways:
1. From James Clear: Stick to the schedule, reduce the scope (when needed)
2. For cleaning: If you rate an object below an 8 for usefulness, donate it. Because someone who needs it would rate it a 10. And you can generally replace it if needed

Cheers and thanks for all you do, Tim!

Warning: if you bring your own instructor to any major ski mountain (anything Epic/Icon), your day/season WILL get revoked. You MUST pay the $1,000/day rate for their staff instructors.

Also, for full resolution NFTs, we invented a way to compress the data without any loss of image quality — notice how NFTs look on OpenSea, and can be displayed at any image size without losing quality.

what’s the unofficial Cockpunch discord?

If you go to Twitter, TimTimFansFans has a link to the Discord.

I would love to see more muse examples in the New Year! Reading the 4-hour Workweek and I’m very curious what kinds of businesses people have created since the pandemic.

Wonderful, gem-packed episode. Thank you Tim and Kevin.
I read Die with Zero. It changed my thinking and is changing my life. And I am by far not in the same league as you guys.

When it comes to eating out at fancy restaurants, here is how I come to a semblance of equilibrium with it: every quarter, I add up the receipts for eating out (any bill with more than one person and above $30) and go online to UNICEF and donate 50% of the amount to any cause related to providing food for kids. I don’t make as much as Tim Tim or Kev Kev, but let’s’ say I had $850 worth of eating out receipts for a quarter (say January 1 thru March 31). So, on April 1st, I make an online donation of $425 to UNICEF to feed like a bunch of families for a month, or vaccinate a bunch of babies, or help provide clean water for a place in need of that utility…but this could be applicable to buying clothes, buying books or other entertainment media…whatever it is you gravitate toward spending liberally on…does this make sense?

Listening to this episode on New Years Eve and had a fun thought: Is this what happened to the women in CockPunch? Chaos Walking – fun movie, I enjoyed watching this during a recent flight.
[Moderator: YouTube link removed per embed policy.]

Meditation is exercise for the mind. If you stop, the mind gets out of shape. The best source for mind workouts that are challenging and fun is Vajrayana Buddhism. The best coach is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

Thank you Tim for the realness. A fantastic conversation full of interesting threads and more than a few laugh out loud moments.“Slowsh”.

I’ve always admired the friendship between Tim and Kevin. I don’t really have any friends. Aquaintances, yes. People I work with, yes. It was even difficult as a kid to make friends. Can you guys do an episode on the challenges of making friends when you’re an adult?



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